MaxxDry Heavy Duty Boot Dryer, Shoe Dryer & Glove Dryer

In every season when you are working in outside or wet areas you are going to get your boots and gloves wet and it is a hassle to dry them. The kids come in from playing outside, snowball fights, building forts-they want their gloves and mittens dried off and you do not want them to freeze or you got to go to work in the morning and there is nothing nicer than a nice and warm pair of shoes or boots before you head outside in the cold. It is great to be able to dry your shoes, boots and gloves off with a flick of a switch and Maxxdry Boot Shoe, Glove Heavy Duty Dryer does just that. Maxxdry Boot Shoe, Glove Heavy Duty Dryer is able to dry one pair of boots and a pair of gloves or two pairs of shoes or two pairs of boots or two pairs of gloves whatever you choose. It is very easy to assemble just out of the box. The towers are completely detachable and you assemble those when you take them out of the box and you put them into the bag when you are not using them. The long taller tubes are used for boots and the front short tubes are used for shoes, shorter boots, any sized gloves, mittens and even helmets.

Dry up to 4 Garments Simultaneously

The Maxxdry Boot Shoe, Glove Heavy Duty Dryer has four drying tubes you can use so rather than drying your shoes one by one you can dry up to four garments together saving both time and effort. The tubes are far apart and will not hinder drying of other clothing on the other tubes which makes it perfect for using to dry multiple clothing and footwear.

Keep yourself Warm, Dry and Comfortable

Nothing says comfort more than wearing soft warm and dry footwear and gloves. While wearing a wet pair of shoes can be a terrible mistake, not only it is unhygienic but you are compromising your comfort while risking your feet. After drying with Maxxdry Boot Shoe, Glove Heavy Duty Dryer your boots will have a warm and dry interior. There is nothing better than stepping in to a warm, dry pair of boots before heading out in to the cold.

Dries all types of Materials

Maxxdry Boot Shoe, Glove Heavy Duty Dryer is vigilantly made to effectively work on all sorts of materials including Dry leather, Rubber, PVC, Neoprene, Synthetics, Fleece, Cloth, Felt, Canvas, Micro and all modern fabrics available in the market. It is also known to help extend the life of your footwear and gear.

Glove Heavy Duty Dryer
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6.4 pounds

Product Dimensions

12 x 6 x 5 inches


White, Grey

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#1815 on Outdoor Sports

#3 in Home Improvement

Warranty Description

1 Year


Innovative Forced Air Technology

Maxxdry Boot Shoe, Glove Heavy Duty Dryer features the Forced Air Technology which allows for fastest and most effective drying option for you. The air travel through heat induction tubes to the footwear or gloves to dry it from within while spreading through and through inside them. The drier utilizes gentle forced air and heating around 105°F which allows it to dry most clothes, accessory and footwear within one to two hours. Even if you forget to dry your boots over night you can just dry them while getting ready for work. This speed gives Maxxdry Boot Shoe, Glove Heavy Duty Dryer a competitive edge over its counterparts in the market.

High Impact Lightweight Construction

Maxxdry Boot Shoe, Glove Heavy Duty Dryer is made out of high quality plastic and build to support heavy boots that means high impact build of the product allows it to not topple over even with heavy weight boots or gears are drying. Despite being such heavy duty the dryer is fairly lightweight and can be even traveled with.

Features an array of drying options

Maxxdry Boot Shoe, Glove Heavy Duty Dryer features three unique drying options:

  • Three Hour Timer: Allows you to set the dryer on timer if you need to be away.
  • Heat/ No Heat Switch: You can choose to dry your clothing articles with or without heat.
  • Rotary blower: Allows for high density drying that even works through tough materials.

Easy Assembly

Maxxdry Boot Shoe, Glove Heavy Duty Dryer is extremely easy to assemble right out of the box. Just put a few pieces together without any tools and you are ready to rock and dry.

Energy Efficient

PEET dryer uses minimal energy, less than a regular 40 watt bulb and the mild thermal convection allow the product to not overheat or consume large amounts of power.


Maxxdry Boot Shoe, Glove Heavy Duty Dryer has received most complains about being a bit too noisy.

Unique Selling Points

Maxxdry is a trusted brand in the outdoor sports and hunting community. Maxxdry Boot Shoe, Glove Heavy Duty Dryer as the name suggest is constructed to be high impact but light weight so it is easy to move around as well. The option of drying with or without heat serves your need of how warm do you want your boot to be. And even though the dryer takes only like an hour to dry most footwear the three hour custom timer allows you to be away from the drier while it works it magic.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Does it have a compartment at the end where you can put baking soda to eliminate smells when drying?
Answer: No, there is no compartment. However odor does not seem to be a problem.

Question: Will the dryer dry the muck boots? Or I have to buy the extensions?
Answer: It will dry them nicely and you don’t need to purchase an extension. The tube is about 20 inches tall from the top of the base.

Question: Can this be used for women’s knee high boots or do I need the extensions too?
Answer: I bought this item for my 18 inch high muck boots. It works great and has two inches left to go. So if your boot is less than 20 inches high it will work great.

Product Features

  • Forced Air Technology
  • Dries 4 Garments Simultaneously
  • Heats to 105°F/40.5°C –will not harm any liners or garments
  • Helps reduce odors
  • High impact lightweight construction
  • Heat/No heat Switch
  • 3 Hour timer
  • 80,000 hour-rated whisper quite rotary blower
  • 1 year warranty


Maxxdry Boot Shoe, Glove Heavy Duty Dryer uses forced air technology to gently dry 4 garments in about 1 hour. Dry and warm boots and gloves or any article of clothing really will be dried quickly by removing moisture and perspiration. The drier includes the option of drying with heat or without heat. The Maxxdry Boot Shoe, Glove Heavy Duty Dryer will not harm breathable hypalon or other linings, neoprene woven nylon, canvas vinyl, rubber plastic, polyester microfiber materials or any other modern materials. Enjoy the warm, dry and comfortable boots and gloves with no stiffness, no shrinkage and no damage whatsoever.